Data For Good Ottawa

Food Bank Project

What food was ordered and delivered, where and when? i.e. the data extract

The whole database extract is about 650 MB and messy. So, we have cleaned up the data, consolidated it and eliminated useless fields. You can see what was done and why in the file 'Preparing the Extract.html'. Note that we still have some questions about the raw data and will attempt to get them resolved asap, but this means that as we progress, there will be updates.

The file ' is the zipped version of 'OFBData.csv' which is the cleaned-up version of the raw extract and is about 10MB (160MB unzipped). This is the data file you should work from.

We have also posted 'Using the extract' in both .rmd (r and knitr – if you don’t have knitr you can just use the r part) and .html format to get you started in your analysis.